Friday, April 13, 2012

Dream Creation, Progress

Dream Creation

Yesterday, I reported that I had an experience within someone else's soul and the ramifications of that experience. From seeing other people's soul parts and how they appear to be individually aware, I decided that I would try to talk directly to my soul parts. Please keep in mind that I am not convinced that soul parts are individually aware only that they appear to be when I view them.

The night before last, I prayed to my Nephesch to give me a dream so that I could understand it's true nature. I woke knowing I had a dream. I knew it was meaningful. Yet, I had no recollection of the dream whatsoever.

Last night, I prayed to my Ruach to give me a dream so that I could learn of its true nature. I had a spectacular dream. It included many people I know. Yet, I remember nothing of the dream itself.

Tonight, I will ask that I dream of a soul part's nature to the highest level I can understand and remember.

Alcohol Progress

I astrally visited the person I am trying to assist with her alcoholism. I saw a beautiful rainbow...a spray of color...where the bubble that is alcohol in her aura was pulling away from her. That is tough to explain, sorry.

I gave her more instructions to follow to help the problem.

She has reported being in good spirits (no pun intended) and is hopeful. She is drinking significantly less than she has before.

Agnostic Progress

The agnostic is making progress with her relationships. She refers to herself now as 'my real self'. She is working on mindfulness practices and the like. There is no progress on the job front.

Today, she reported that she did the meditation appealing to her soul for spiritual growth.

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No no, they are aware. Though perhaps not all to the same degree.