Friday, April 6, 2012

Life Change

The MM has ushered in significant change. Conquering my anger issues at work has had some interesting fallout.

In work life, I couldn't care less about my job at this point. It pays well but it is so unsatisfying that I have to fight to be productive at all. This is the first time in my life for that problem. Also, given my back pain, I just don't have the fight to maintain my attendance. I don't expect to be there much longer. This will be a problem. Short term I have little hope for income except:

1. Selling classes on the MM and tarot on-line. I am very good at both but I can't imagine the income will be all that great. I suppose I could sell follow-up advice to both too.

2. Doing Soul readings for the locals. Again, I am very good at it but convincing people to part with a $100 a pop won't be easy. Again, limited income there.

Longer term is the book.

WitchDoctorJoe turned me on to the idea of studying transpersonal psychology. I am seriously  considering embarking on a two year program for an MA in that. I will meditate on that but I think it may be where my life is taking me. It feels like something I would enjoy a great deal. I love watching people improve themselves with the MM. This would be another way to do that.

The other fallout is that I'm less and less angry at things in my past. I think that is because I know the true cause of my frustration issues and why I acted out on them as I did. I believe I have finally learned what I needed to and now the anger is gone.

My compassion for others has grown. My self-compassion has grown. My true personality is emerging from behind that wall of pain. I am happy about all of that.

I feel like all this work I did built up a pressure that bottle necked behind that one issue. Now that it is gone, my progression has increased and an increasing rate. By that, do not think I am getting to some delusional point that I am an ascending master. I am still Robert. I am just more fully Robert than before.


Melissa said...

Do you have to do soul readings in person? If not, I know I would be willing to drop a hundred bucks to get one. (Well, in a couple of weeks -- after I cover the beginning-of-the-month bills.)

Robert said...

I never say I can do what I do not KNOW I can do. I am doing a long distance one for a friend next week. When that is successful, I will be happy to make a professional appointment with you.