Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Soul Reading

Last night, I did my first soul reading. I suppose this is just your average psychic reading but I categorize things by the levels of the soul I primarily work with.

Here and the levels and what I answer:

Nephesch - Animal Soul that only knows fight/flight and reproduction - What does it fear? The Nephesch is always in fear. It is just a matter of degree.

Automatic Personality - This part is programmed. Input A receives consistent output B. What does this impact? What specifically is the input and output? How can this be overcome? Where did it come from? On this one, I found a childhood friend from the toddler stage that created the original imprinting. I actually saw her and described her.

Ruach - This is the personality as it is supposed to be expressed per your immortal soul. It does get impacted, programmed, damaged, misaligned or whatever you may want to call it. What needs worked on? How can those things be overcome/enhanced. Enhanced because sometimes our strengths don't come through.

In this reading the answer to this one actually helped me understand my friend. I have always seen a contradiction between her compassionate actions and her vibe. Now, I know why.

Higher Self (Immortal Soul) - What is a soul purpose? How can this be manifested?

In this reading, she already knew this answer and reminded me how this had been consciously demonstrated in her life.

For this person, I stayed in trance for at least an hour, literally, according to her. She took three pages of notes and pronounced it 100% accurate. Frankly, I have more confidence in this process than I do my tarot readings, which are known for their accuracy. I think this has a likelihood of being to help more people. My tarot readings can deal with symptoms or root causes and the like. Often they are limited by the question. This actually shows what is impacting at the soul level.  There are no limiting questions. Things are more open ended.

Though, in writing this, I just figured out how to develop 'soul reading' tarot spreads.

The downside is that I was exhausted after. I think I was exhausted because I wanted to be successful. I was grasping and placing value on success. I will do better when I am at ease.


I dreamed last night that I was in a restaurant. There were those of us who were asleep and those that were awake. Those people were not asleep but where not aware. Just like many in life that have not woken up. Those of us there were awake were a bit confused.

The sleepers went on with their tasks but were unaware of their sleep. Those of us that were awake were trying to piece things together. I actually pointed out to someone that the others were asleep. I felt a woman's breasts. She got annoyed and glared at me. As soon as I stopped she went right back to zombie mode.

There was a black family in the corner. Two were awake or near awake. They argued about their situation. "This was about New Orleans." "No, nothing happened in New Orleans." Yikes! Were these people dead from Katrina but didn't really know yet?

The atmosphere outside the restaurant looked a little barren,, as if a disaster had occurred.

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