Friday, April 6, 2012

Sky Meditation and Results of MM and Alcoholism

I have been revisiting Ram Daas' Be Here Now. This is definately on Robert's Recommended Reading list. One of meditations in the book is called the Sky Meditation. Basically, one meditates on the sounds naturally occurring around one's self, notices how the rise and fall, the quality of the sound (sharp, droning, sudden, building, etc.) and realizing they all fade away to nothing. Eventually, one seeks the sky and stretches the senses looking for the same thing.

I haven't reached that last part yet.

This morning, I was sitting her listening to Flower's six year old watching a Tom and Jerry DVD in her room. Rather than being annoyed by the too loud volume, I did the sky meditation and had some realizations.

Music, which we tend to think of as one continuous sound, is made up of many sounds (yeah big realization right?) that all END. Each sound in the stream of music stops and appears to blend into a new sound but, in reality, a new sound starts. In between the sounds is the conductor or musician. It is s/he that helps turn the music into something we enjoy hearing. Music can often reach us at the soul level.

This is true of our thoughts. We think we are thinking all the time but in reality thoughts start, stop and new thoughts arise upon our internal viewer. Between those thoughts, we are. Who I am resides between my thoughts and does not arise because of my thoughts. My thoughts may be the prompts for action when I am ASLEEP but my state of being resides behind them and can be seen in the pause between them.

When our personal music is discordant it is because our musician is not guiding us, we are not aware, instead we act in the play as if the play is reality. IT IS NOT. The play is a self-thought interaction among the many people we associated with. We all try to bond, unify and be understood by each other. We want to be liked and loved.

Given that, the constant awareness of my own awareness will render those thoughts that prompt action impotent. This is one level of being awake more than I am now. This is something on which I will place some effort. I am at my most holy not when I am acting or interacting but when I am simply being.

Acting in a play written with someone else's script (thoughts) is not satisfying. I will write my play by being aware. I will choose what to say and what not to say, do and what not to do.

Being is so much more important than pantomiming one's thoughts in a play and expecting others to understand us. Being is understanding and negates the need to be understood by others. Being is peaceful. Being is compassion for myself and others.

Also today, Being allowed me to sense the turmoil in Flower's older child that will lead to health problems if she doesn't resolve it. I will say nothing as I would not be heard. Maybe, if it is meant to be, the opportunity will arise.

Being will allow me to more fully sense the needs of others and meet them rather than fully participating in the pantomime of their thoughts. In this way, I perceive something positive happening. How that will manifest I can only guess.

Results with Winter

Winter has had a drinking problem for at least a decade. She reports being drunk four days a week. The upside is that she is not a trouble-causer when drunk, no DUIs, no arrests, no violence. Nevertheless, she hates it and wants it to stop. Good for her!

She has tried AA, antabuse, going cold turkey and a host of other things. Nothing has worked. She is using the Sinclair Method for 10 days.

A couple of nights ago, I agreed to help her using my soul reading/comforting technique. I removed something from her aura. She knew what it meant and the connection to alcohol was tenuous. In that session, I was also given instructions on how to help her. Part of those was that she do the Manifestation Meditation using a specific phrase. I gave her that phrase.

She performed it for the first time last night.

Later, she started drinking. She started getting nauseous but still tried to drink. The Sinclair method is supposed to stop the endorphins so you don't enjoy your drunk. It does not keep you from getting drunk. Last night, she couldn't get drunk and poured the rest of the bottle out. It was the first time she's ever been able to do this. Prior to this, the medication that is paired with the Sinclair method had not had this impact. She says this may be the method but isn't sure. She did say that she thinks this worked because the MM aligns her soul  with what she is trying to do physically.

Stay tuned for more results. Winter wants privacy. In that light, she read this post and approved it in advance.

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