Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Learning Humility

I passed a test of humility last night. I am not sure how to write that up in a way that will not compromise the feelings of the people involved. If I can figure it out, I will post it because I think it is important. Today, is not the day for subtle thinking. So, I won't be posting on that today.

I may write on it Thursday when Flower is here. Perhaps I can run it by her first and make sure it is kosher.


Using the MM to comfort the nephesch of a friend, I ended a string of nightly nightmares. She had awoken in a cold sweat daily for years. I'm sure there were some nights that were exceptions but not many. Yesterday, she reported she had been nightmare free for over ten days.

At this point, I can literally 'see' and 'comfort' a person's nephesch (animal soul). Given how fearful this part of the soul always is, I think I can relieve a lot of pain from people by doing that.


In doing the soul reading, I think my compassion will grow. I realize intellectually that we are all in pain and have experienced harsh things in life. With the soul readings, I share that pain. I understand that pain. Hopefully, I can comfort and relieve some of that pain.

By sharing it without holding onto it, I think I am experiencing compassion for both myself and the other party. As I do that more and more, I think it will be easier to extend that compassion to those I haven't read. I know I've been trending that way anyway but I think this will give that a boost.

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