Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Follow-Up to Healings

I worked on the Clear One for her digestion issues and posted on that earlier today. Today, she reports that starting with a benchmark of just prior to my work and calling those symptoms a 10. Yesterday, they dropped to a 2. Today, they are about a 3 but she had a traumatic morning and was emotionally upset. While the original illness appears to be hanging on, even though she says, "I can tell I am healing," her pain was greatly reduced. Oh yeah, she can eat now.

As for, the Agnostic, there is news there too. Prior to doing the MM, she was riddled with anxiety. Last week she reported that she needed a medical appointment. In the past, the prospect terrified her. This time she just picked up the phone and made an appointment. Today, she had the appointment. In the past, she may have been so terrified shouldn't couldn't make the appointment or not go or not speak once she got there. Today, she walked right in, talked to the doctor and obtained a prescription! 

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