Saturday, August 13, 2011

You Are Perfect

You are perfect. Right now. Now. You are perfect.

You were perfect yesterday. Back then. You were perfect.

You will be perfect ten minutes from now. An hour from now. You are perfect.

If humility compels you to protest, that is only the illusion of humanness. Of being told you are bad, wrong and believing it. You never were these things. You cannot be these things.

You are a perfect manifestation of you and YOU. You cannot be anything else.

Your "mistakes" are perfect for they allow the true you to appear before your own eyes, right now, and reveal your future perfection.

The biggest lie, no matter how perfect it is, is that you are imperfect or anyone else is more perfect.

Everyone else is just as perfect as you.


Anonymous said...

So is it a mistake to be unsatisfied and try to better ourselves?

Yvonne said...

I understand this more and more each day. Are we perfect because we are divine or are we divine because we are perfect? does it matter?

Robert said...

There are no real errors. There are motivators, sources of direction and energy. Emotionally, this may be dissatisfaction but one is perfectly dissatisfied. Perfectly because that is who you are right now and you manifest perfectly and completely.

If by human standards you are a better person today, that doesn't mean you were imperfect yesterday.

Anonymous said...

There is no 'you' to be perfect.

But this is essentially what happens when you try to 'see from the heart'. It can be a distraction. Perfect, is the wrong word choice, and it has been highly propagated. The higher self is perfect, the physical/mental self is not, at least, not until it becomes one with the higher self.

Robert said...

Well, perhaps. At the moment, my perfection is the universe in its entirety. Thus, within that perfection, we are perfectly manifesting who we are at the moment. This is the universe continually creating. This does not mean that evolution isn't necessary. It just means right now, you are perfect.

My perspective may change tomorrow. :O)