Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pagan Weddings in California

This post is a little off topic for me but from time to time, I highlight someone who provides goods or services to the Pagan community that I feel are of value.

Today's post is about Chris Geiger. Chris is not a religious man. I am pretty sure he had never knowingly met a pagan before he was contacted by my good friends to photograph their wedding. When we met for lunch, he had no idea how a pagan wedding would differ from a conventional event. Then again the theme, steampunk meets Alice in Wonderland may have given him a clue. We immediately started joking with him about how the new guy is sacrificed and to wear black as the blood stains don't show as much.  He played right along. I ask you, how many people do you know that had a laughing good time while interviewing and negotiating with a wedding photographer?

The wedding was held out of town. Chris showed up before he was scheduled to arrive. He didn't stand around eating cocktail wienies. He got to work fast. I am not sure how he pulled this off but he was ubiquitous,  unseen and part of the fun. He moved around the circle like he'd been doing it all his life. Chris was never in the way but took great shots. Outside of the ceremony itself, we joked and laughed with him as he worked. He actually made the wedding more fun. I am amazed to say that about a wedding photographer but it is the truth.

The photographs he took were stunning. There are several of the Gentle Soul that I will cherish. Oh, and the wedded couple looked great too! He had the ladies riding broom sticks and on their knees getting scolded by the bride. Chris even had the eldest daughter smiling. A troop of comedians have tried to do the same without success. He had the groom and I sword fight with our canes. I would love to show you the photographs but with pagans it is hard to tell who is in and out of the closet. So, instead I will refer you to his web site.

Chris Gieger works in Central California and will travel from Bakersfield to the Bay Area. He receives three thumbs up rating, which is quite a trick considering I only have two. Obviously, he does more than just pagan weddings. No matter what your religious or non-religious affiliation, I sincerely recommend Chris. His work is outstanding. The fact that he is a nice and fun guy is just a bonus.

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