Sunday, August 7, 2011

Knowing Perfection! (With subtitle)

Yeah, But I don't really know!

My meditations have born some fruit.

One of my realizations involved perfection. At some point, I cannot recall when or even what I saw, I was given a glimpse of how perfect everyone is right now. Right now, you are perfect. Right now, I am perfect. Right now, they are perfect. Everyone is perfect.

Yes, each of us may evolve in the years to come, in months, or in the next five minutes. It doesn't matter, everyone is perfect. Right now, you are manifesting exactly as you should.

Friday, I walked on grounds of my workplace. Fresno is a dirty place. The air pollution is among the worst in the nation. My work place is not on the newest side of town. There is a huge abandoned building there. The paint is old, the pavement cracked. The cars on the street are older models, bus stops are crowded with the poor. Across the street, the names of the stores, in Spanish, are not so discernible. Some of them are closed.

Yet here, I found the perfection of the physical world. Everything is exactly as it should be. That weed is exactly where it should be. The paint peels exactly as it should. The world reflects the beauty of the Divine as do you, as do I. The weed and the lotus are the same.

This is a pretty cool outlook to have. It is fun and amazing. The problem lay in the fact that you can know and not know. This is a common theme in theurgic work. There is a time period between knowledge and full manifestation. It is why the lessons we learn circle back around us. The universe says, "Are you sure you have it?" "Do you have it in this situation?" "Do you still get it when you look at it this way?" "Do you get it now? "Do you get it now?" Sooner or later one does fully get it. Then of course, the next challenge comes.

I know everything is perfect but when something doesn't go my way, I am sure I will rail against it proving that I don't really know. Over time, one can know these things. So, what is it that knows when you KNOW?

Right now, my mind (air) knows all is perfect. My highest soul has always known regardless of the fact that manifested Robert never did. My emotional body (water)  may not know the full truth yet or maybe it is my creative body (fire). Maybe my creative body knows my emotional body doesn't know and therefore creates situations to prove its point. Maybe, it is my physical body that doesn't know to move differently. My point is that to fully know all of one's bodies, no matter what map one uses, all have to know. Once things are in alignment, you KNOW.


Yvonne said...

You are so very fortunate to be able to hold this vision, this model of reality. But how to maintain this Knowing of perfection?

Come on, man! You inspire me!

Robert said...

well, I can hold the knowledge easily. With that knowledge, I can seek to apply it. When someone is being a jerk, I can learn to appreciate that they are manifesting their perfect "Isness." My first reaction may be to create distance but knowing of their perfection, perhaps it should be compassion. For what kind of life can you have internally if externally you are continually being a jerk? That still isn't knowing. However, by applying the knowledge we do have, we may get closer. Perhaps by climbing to new levels during meditation we train the body to hold the lower ideas. Yes, this is likely a lower idea even though to me it seems high. I don't know the answer to your question. I do aim to find out. :o) Maybe my Ram Dass book or my new mala beads will yield answers.

Sun said...


I posted this on my tumblr ( I linked to your blog and gave you full credit. I hope you dont mind...if so I'll remove it. Anyway, I love your blog and the work you do. I'm working on myself as well! Slowly but surely.

Peace love and blessings :)


Robert said...

Hello Sc3theghOst,

I don't mind anyone linking to my page or taking some quotes with attribution at all. Though, I did go to your page and not find whatever it is you quoted. It is all good.

Sun said...

Sorry, I prematurely posted the comment. Its on the main page!

Thanks again!