Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Water Water

Just after writing the last post, I did an LIRP using water invoking pentagrams and the sign of the eagle in each quarter. I welcomed each quarter by welcoming the combined element, water of air, water of fire, water of water and water of earth. When the archangels appeared, they demonstrated that they brought their watery element. Raphael (Air) offered a cup. Michael (fire) offered steamy water like from a hot spring. Gabriel (Water) flooded the temple space. Uriel (earth) was a bit different. The only way I can describe that was earth that moved. This was not mud.

I then vibrated the God Name, Archangel Name and Angelic Choir as appropriate for the following sephiroth. I also used an appropriate but similar prayer for each name vibrated.

For Binah, I vibrated each name three times because three is the number associated with that sphere. After each name I said, "Please align my emotional bodies in their proper and healthy form that my back no longer hurts."

For Chesed, four vibrations of the names, "Please expand my emotional capabilities that all my emotional bodies align in a healthy way that my back no longer hurts."

For Hod, eight vibrations, "Please help me have a healthy intellect that deals with emotions properly that my back no longer hurts."

For Malkuth, "Please manifest a reality where my emotional bodies are aligned in a healthy way that my back no longer hurts." There was a much more emotional and prayerful attitude here. I think because Sandalphon, the angel of Malkuth, is very closely associated with prayer.

Each prayer was inspired at the moment.

I then vibrated the same type of names that are specifically associated with the element of water, not the sephiro. I started off to ten vibrations but I kept getting cut off at five. It dawned on me that five is the number of the elements.

When I reached the angel of water, it appeared as a strong voice in my head. It told me that I had finally asked the right question but angels work slower than I might expect. It went on to say that I should depart the temple and Be. I am not to aspire to be more (degrading). I should not endeavor to be less (stoop not down into that darkly splendid world wherein lay a faithless depth and Hades wrapped in gloom). I should simply be who I am right now. Further, it said that I could call upon it during any emotional time to help me balance things out.

Two side notes:

1.  As I write this, I realize this may temper my, at times, volcanic communication style and frustrations. Though it has improved by leaps and bounds, the issue is not fully resolved.

2. I realized in meeting the angel of water that the LBRP can be done with the Elemental triplicity of names instead of the standard names of just the archangels. I will do that in the future.

That said, if you're new, please don't do this. They LBRP is taught as it is for a reason. Once you know that reason, you can play with it. I think I've done fifteen or twenty variations over my career. That doesn't mean the standard LBRP is not effective. It means different effects can be gained using it in different ways. Know the first effect first. Knowing doesn't mean you've been told. It doesn't mean you read it in a book. It means you've done so many of them that you instinctually know.


nutty professor said...

Very nicely explained. Can I ask a question? Is there a way of divining the REASON for the back affliction? I wonder if you could save yourself some time and work by getting right to the source. Some magickal traditions emphasize divination first before ritual practice in order to ascertain how to proceed.

again, very nice description.

Robert said...

You have no idea how many times I have attacked this magickally and using divination. I have always had very slight success magickally. Divination has been so pointless I have given up. If I come across a very talented diviner, I will ask.