Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Man, a Meditation and a Mala

I performed the Manifestation Meditation this morning. I probably only ran through the mantra ten times at most as it continues to be refined. I have stopped asking Hermes to intervene and form the communication at this point. I have that part. The rest is making it deeper and permanent.

During the mantra portion, I saw the image of the blue man again from yesterday's post. It sat within me. This time, he was totally a deep blue color. I did not see my body as a patchwork of different colors and materials like yesterday.

At some point, I stopped the mantra and just aspired to my Neschemah. It did not take long before I was in some sort of ecstasy state. The meditation had more focus then I thought myself capable. The state was one of observation while a peaceful nothingness entered me. My vision was of very soft whitish light hitting me in waves. I simply observed.

Then, my right hand began to shake violently tossing my mala about. I am not sure how long this lasted but it seemed to be quite a long time. During this I heard the following. I can't say it is an exact quote but I think it close.

You have aspired to me a long time. You seek to connect to me but you have always been connected. As you have persisted along your spiritual path, that was me. As you aspired, that was me. Every tine you inspire someone or speak a truth, that is me. When you fail that is you responding to my pulse to instruct you. 

Your mala is a holy object. You can bless people with it by touching them [with intent].

I was also instructed to maintain my new eating habits. I was reminded by whatever I was talking to that my  HGA's instructions on food from so long ago were manifesting. I do remember him telling me that my diet impacted me much more than I knew. I am sure that is documented within these pages somewhere.

As the shaking ceased my mala was wrapped around my wrist and hand. I received instruction to wear it wrapped around my wrist so that the final loop stretches across the palm of my hand and loops around my ring finger. Obviously, this is impractical for household chores and other mundane tasks but not for typing. It doesn't seem to interfere. The image of a blue hand with the mala wrapped around it in this manner will become the symbol of this space. I have contacted an artist friend to see if she will do the drawing for me.

This Space

I have changed the header and the About Robert page. The latter was changed a few days ago. I just added the bit about the Holy Idiot today.


The ego flash in the meditation came as the idea of writing an autobiography. As I write this I remember reaching the conclusion recently that ego flashes of this nature should be considered for the underlying truth they represent. I am not sure I have an answer for that yet.


It is amazing how quickly what is sure in the moment deteriorates in normal consciousness. Is it a mala capable of blessing or my mala?


Anonymous said...

Do you have the manifestation meditation up for us to read anywhere?

Robert said...

Not yet. I am trying to write something up that contains the core ideas rather than just post the mantra without the foundation.