Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meditation Notes

I realized that my manta, the divine unfolds before me and within me, is harder to do indoors. Somehow from that thought, I decided to use that meditation tonight. 

Several things occurred:

  • I kept dropping into dream state. Each 'dream' while short-lived had a message. One of which, resolved an inner conflict I had with a famous current occultist. Other dreams, were packed full of meaning but I did not understand.
  • My entire head felt as if even neuron was firing at once. This feeling extended to my face.
  • I experienced a great deal of stimulation to my throat chakra and eventually saw a five petaled flower of death. This image can be seen on the flag of the Rider-Waite Death card. I take this to mean a radical change is underway internal to myself.
  • Lastly, when I felt that pull to rise astrally, I deliberately felt love of the divine rather than let me body fear. While it was no more effective, it felt so much better. 

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