Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tangible Progress

During my morning bagel and coffee, I read a chapter of Journey of Awakening. This section was on mantras. In contemplating Dass' words, I came up with a mantra for daily life. This is something my brain can go to as a default during everyday tasks. The divine continuously unfolds before me and within me. I recited this as I drove to my next stop.

I realized that the reason government and big business bureaucracy can be so stifling is because of the sheer numbers of people or business within the process. The same reasons exist for traffic lights. When there were only two cars in New York State traffic lights were not necessary. The more traffic the more stop lights. It keeps us from crashing into each other. Bureaucracies work the same way. The volume of business done requires a controlled flow of traffic. That control frustrates us in some paper version of road rage. Now, what does that have to do with this blog?

Today, I arrived at a car wash to redeem a coupon for a free wash I was given during an oil change. I arrived at 8:30 AM only to find they didn't open until nine o'clock. I sat in my car and used the mala for the Manifestation Meditation. On the second iteration, I saw the blue man again.

I have been pondering as to what exactly the blue man is. Is he my representation of my Neschemah? Is he a spirit of some kind? Is he some sort of crazy product mascot for the next household cleanser?

This time, I immediately thought Laughing Buddha. The figure smiled and starting laughing. Immediately, a shit eating grin appeared on my face. I felt like I did when I was a teenager getting stoned. I did not get any further with the mantra before they tapped on my window to get the line moving.

As I stood around waiting for my car to be done, I ran through the The divine continuously unfolds before me and within me mantra. The car wash is really an industrial and efficient operation. The long time local business has a formula that works. So, I observed the layout of the facility and its extension to the oil change area. I saw personal work stations. Again, they were organized. I realized how humans tend toward organization. We seem to need it. The divine continuously unfolds before me and within me...does that mean organization is divine? Cleanliness is next to godliness?

These are not great revelations. They are only important because they arrived from a new perspective. The important part is this:

Do you that feeling when you put your hand over a charged object and you get a sense of something holy? I felt that feeling come from within me today. It radiated from my heart. It was nice.

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