Monday, August 15, 2011

Google Plus Hang Out

I have started a DoingMagick account on Google+. I plan to hang out there and am willing to engage in discussion on magick, spirituality, paganism and the like. Feel free to add Doing Magick to your google+ account. "Doing" is the first name. If  you want to chat, just check and see if I am 'hanging out'.

EDIT: I learned this will likely  not be up for long. Google+ requires users to use their real name for now. I'm not sure I can do that at this point.


Hibiscus Moon said...

what is google + all about?

Robert said...

Google Plus is a social networking site much like Facebook. One could argue for either being the better site. I just added it because the video chat capability is awesome. It is like having a video phone. I thought it would allow readers hear to get together sometimes and ask questions that they may not want to use email for or simply converse about the arts magickal. I am not sure if anyone will want to do that.