Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Simple Joy of Following the Way

Sometimes my spiritual life treats me to a simple joy. One such joy is reaching a conclusion and finding that others on the esoteric path have found the same truth. When I teach tarot, one of the things I mention is that you are not  your thoughts. People so often mistake their thoughts and personality for their souls that they just cannot grasp this simple concept. Most folks look at me as if a live chicken just emerged from my mouth. Today, I read Ram Dass's Journey of Awakening. Within, I found a quoted passage from Drampopa's The Jewel Ornament of Liberation. This work from the 11th century is viewed as a masterpiece of Tibetan Buddhism. His work says the exact same thing.

Manifestation Meditation

I keep working on my Manifestation Meditation.

New thoughts are emerging. For instance, yesteday, I was overwhelmed with a sense of honor. I cleaned my kitchen and honored the mess before I cleaned it up. I sat at my laptop and honored it for allowing me to communicate. If you knocked on my door, I would have greeted you with a slight bow. It simply seemed the right thing to do.

I received an emotional blow not long ago, withing twenty-four hours acceptance had mostly won the day. Things that would normally make me angry or insecure didn't impact me that way. There were brief flashes of old Robert but they felt wrong, out of place.

The Reflections Just Keep Coming

For reasons I cannot explain, I watched The Trial of Billy Jack on Netflix yesterday. For those of you that are too young to remember, Billy Jack was an early 70's film franchise. These were very liberal films about fighting the corrupt establishment. This film was fictionalized account made to mimic the tragedies at Kent State and other such horrors.

I was shocked to see the spiritual journey of Billy Jack to be a subplot. More so, I was stunned to see Billy Jack wearing what appeared to be Golden Dawn sash (minus the merit badges) as we went on his journey. The spiritual journey wasn't fully like a Golden Dawn view of things but there were elements that reflect what I am going through now. It is amazing how the universe can reflect yourself right back at you.

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