Thursday, August 11, 2011

Being a Corpse

Today, I did the corpse asana from the Ram Das book. This entails laying on your back and relaxing all your muscles. Yes, this is enlightenment for your average American! Pretty soon, someone will tell us that having gorgeous women feed us grapes will lead to nirvana! Of course, that could be nirvana depending upon your point of view.

Two odd things happened:

The first was that once again I could feel the energies of my subtle body. This is not unlike being submerged in a pool of electricity only without the dying part. I like this feeling.

Secondly, is that I felt my muscles tense in one area and heard a corresponding sound within my brain. By that I mean I heard a sound that did not originate from my ears. The sound was sort of a dampened thrumming. The sound and the contracting muscle may not have been related but it sure appeared to be at the time.

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