Friday, August 19, 2011

Something Odd This Way Comes

11:46 A.M.

I was reading Jack Faust's post on Faust here when a word triggered something. The word or words came in the following, "I came into possession of a few books that detailed both the legendary Faust (1540 onward), and the historical Faust (1507-1530 or so)"

I asked myself the question regarding the historical Faust and the legendary, "What is the difference?" This is not a factual question answered by biography and myth, it is ontological. My mind spun out. I feel that something at the soul level. I don't know what but it is blue and extends from from my hip to the lower edge of my heart. At first it was a smear of blue and it is now becoming gradually more linear. Here, I feel as if I am going a bit crazy. Yet I do not fear this. I do not reject it. I am a witness.

It may be the cup of coffee I drank as caffiene is different in a vegetarian body that is not overeating. It may be that I am constructing a goetic seal. It may be the Manifestation Meditation. I do not know.

11:57 A.M.

From elbows to fingertips, I am green.

12:00 P.M.

My head is bald and blue, including the face. There is a wreath of ivy or some other flowing plant. My lips are red and so are the eye lids just where they meet the eyeball.

My feet and shins are reddish iron. I am beginning to observe an occult image of Nebuchadnezzar that has been genetically spliced into Dionysus.

12:56 P.M.

There is so much suffering in the world. So much pain. Why? Why does suffering seem the universal precursor to enlightenment? Pleasure and pain are the same. They are both sensations of body and mind. Without body and mind they do not exist. Predators, hunters. This is life. They bring fear. What is the difference between fear and rapture (ecstasy)? Nothing, they are the same. Without body and mind and ego they do not exist. Without body and mind and ego, what is left? The soul. The master does not fear the predator for he knows that the predator will only strike at the appropriate time. Fear is the last thing released after death, as mind and ego circulate in the after. Without fear and ego what is left? The soul. What is the soul? God. There is only God. Focus on God in all things for God is all things.

1:10 P.M.

I feel like my entire body chemistry is changing. The vegetarian diet seems to have a detoxing effect on my body. I smell different. I need more frequent showers.

I feel like I am on drugs but I am sober.

1:15 P.M.

I smelled the blue spot on my left side. It smelled of fresh water - nature. I see the sun radiant, rising over the mountain tops from my vantage point before a lake.

1:20 P.M.

Everyone is God. Names mean nothing. Everyone is Deus. Every meeting is a new encounter with God.

1:23 P.M.

I see the Tree of LIfe, beautiful spheres of gold delineating the parts of the soul. As the images coalesce, electricity runs through me from the feet up. An image of light radiates through the Tree I see corresponding to what I feel.

1:27 P.M.

I see a blue planet or orb. It radiates a softer blue light in countless curving beams. I need to pee.

1:30 P.M.

Probably ten minutes ago, I saw an image of Jesus. I examined my back pain. Jesus said that the pain can be healed when I understand that everything is God. When I got up to pee, my back stopped hurting. I can feel some little pain now. I does not matter. It too is God.

1:38 P.M.

Of late, I've been tempted to use the name Holy Idiot within this space and I am reminded how close that is to the first name I had here: Frater Bonehead

1:42 P.M.

About twenty minutes ago, I realized with a shock that I had missed an important doctor important this morning.

1:56 P.M.

I seem to be reaching the conclusion that I am seeing a reflection of how my Greater Neschemah sees Creation. Deus.   You are Deus.

2:22 P.M.

Wow, what a ride. I am still buzzing but feel like I am waking up. If this starts back up, I will start another time stamped post.


Yvonne said...

ha! this writing really does remind me of Be Here Now Remember, but without the cool graphics

Robert said...

Doesn't it though? :oP

Funny thing, I described it to the Gentle Soul as like being on LSD, only I have never been on LSD.

Anonymous said...

This is unspeakably inspiring because I feel like I understand completely.

Jack Faust said...

Am I allowed to link this entry on G+ as "Proof that my Writing Inspires Madness"? LOL.

Interesting on many levels...

Robert said...

@Jack, of course.