Monday, August 15, 2011

Magickal Forms

I had the pleasure of going to the Huntington towards the end of July. There the Gentle Soul (aka my lady friend) encountered Danial Chester French's The Benediction (pictured).  I noticed her left foot forward and arms out. This is close to a magickal posture or form used within Golden Dawn related groups.

Out of nothing but curiosity, I placed my hand under her outstretched hands. I was blown away. There was a bundle of peaceful and holy energy there to be found. The Gentle Soul commented that you could take a little bit of that peace with you.

I wondered if the posture itself really did have power in and of its own. Does the universe resonate that strongly to a physical object in a mystical/magickal posture? Of course, the yogis have told us this but then again, yoga, in the form we know it, has been pretending to be an ancient discipline for about a 100 years now.

I now understand another use for the Golden Dawn sign as one of blessing. Somewhere I think I was taught that but I didn't get it back then.

Not long ago, I purchased a mala. If I am awake, I am wearing it as either a necklace or bracelet. I also use it to pray or say mantras at least twice a day. Last night, I took it off and laid it on the bed. At some point, I rolled over and placed my hand on it. It radiated the most peaceful and loving energy. I immediately thought it was the most holy thing I have ever owned.

Now, I wonder how much the form of it has to do with the energy it is building. Countless Buddhists have used a mala over the centuries. It seems logical to assume the Roman Catholics absorbed it and simply called it a rosary. The form is well established and related to spiritual use.

This may be another area of research that interests me. Can magickal postures be found in how the gods have been sculpted? Can the posture alone be effective for an intended purpose? Perhaps some day, I will research in this area and find out.

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nutty professor said...

could be that the hand and foot gestures/positions, like the sacred dance in eastern and african religions, direct the pranic energy and inner power for optimal force. Perhaps magicians did not utilize the rhythm that accompanies most energy workings in non western cultures...? LOL maybe they just couldnt dance

Anonymous said...

i do know that hand and foot postures direct energy. in pics of the hindu goddess kali, if the right foot is forward it represents the right handed path. if the left foot is forward it represents the left handed path.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is inherent power, or power of steeped belief/understanding, I'd say there is power in positions.

Mudras (which aren't gymnastics pretending to be a spiritual path) do seem to have power. By their nature, or by their understanding, it is hard to say. Some mudras I've been given I can use before receiving my training, other times I have to wait for my lama to explain it for the power to "unlock."

You get the same thing in a lot of Buddhist and Hindu art. When you are taught to take up their postures stuff happens, but is that due to connecting to the Bodhisattva, or something inherent in body positioning?