Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Consciousness Change

Of late I have posted on perfection, meditation and enlightenment. During that short period, I obtained a highness of spirit and, quite frankly, of ego that I heretofore had not obtained. The upside of the downside, by that I mean the ego inflation, is that this form of inflation harmed no one. I simply thought I was close to embodying something more than I've ever been before. Maybe I was but a few words from one person simply popped that balloon.

The words of my mentor, who is not prone to praise or hyperbole, were inspiring both before and after the balloon popped. He said that I had made contact with my higher self. For those that are not away of my ontology, the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) is a point above normal consensus reality that teaches us to become fully connected to our own immortal soul. The Higher Self is another term for immortal soul. In Qabalistic terms, I relate this to the three supernals when the Tree of Life is viewed microcosmically.

From that state of awareness, I was able to carry back a few ideas. This is a revision of my awareness and reality.

  • Everything is perfect right now.
  • Every way is valid. Those that say that any path "does not know" do not know.
  • Obtaining an understanding of the Higher Self, by that I mean the immortal soul, is, in very practical terms, possible. Prior to this, I strove for that sort of thing without really believing I could obtain it in this lifetime.

From back down on earth, I realize that even striving for this is a form of desire and grasping that is not conducive to manifesting the Ultimate. However, striving in the way I am striving in the present, is a necessary step. My current method of reaching my intended state is prayer and meditation. 

I now have a mala upon my person during waking hours. I use it to pray during down time at work. I pray as I wait in line at lunch. I pray at home. 

I am also starting formal yoga teaching at night. Perhaps these teachers are not gurus. It doesn't matter. They are teachers of the moment. 

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Robert said...

Funny you mention that. A friend just ask me to do that for her.