Friday, August 12, 2011

Notes to God

My friend Bert Hansen and I were video chatting using Google+ today. That technology is awesome!

He mentioned that he had a hard time keeping a journal. It was too dry and scientific for him. He came up with a solution that I think is beautiful. It also solves a problem that all theurgists face at one time or another, core honesty.

In theurgic work, everyone becomes an asshole from time to time. They make, what appears to be, poor life decisions. They will treat someone unfairly. They will abuse themselves, which is the same thing. The next stage is denial. There is always a good reason for being a jackass! The reasons are so good that one can even be blind to the fact that one is a jackass! Eventually, theurgists learn, assuming they were ever serious about learning in the first place. Often a big stumbling block is spotting the denial in the first place. The ego plays a lot of tricks.

His solution was to write letters to God or the Gods. Tell them what you are doing and why. Remove the psuedo-scientific claptrap and just explain. It is really hard to write a letter to a god and keep in the parts where your own spirit winces. If you keep them, you know at some level you are lying to the gods. Magicians instinctually know that is not good.

So, theurgists, write letters to the gods. Explain the last bit of magick you did and why. Thank them for helping you. Know they are reading it.

Did you wince at that part about explaining your magick? What does that tell you?

If you, fellow theurgist, find yourself wincing, figure out why before you 'mail' the letter. Once you do, say it OUT LOUD look in a physical mirror as you do it. It doesn't count in your head. The gods spoke the world into existence. You need to speak your falsehood out of existence. It is your job!

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Rose Weaver said...

I never thought of it this way, but you have a fantastic point! I really like this idea, and plan to use it.