Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two Tidbits

Yesterday, during a private tarot class, I was asked to do a couple of readings as an example of a technique I was teaching. During these readings, I advised the person to find prayers from Biblical quotations that fit what she was trying to do. The odd part is that the advice flowed freely with no qualms on my part.

I have been meditating using a variety of mantras and the Manifestation Meditation. Within these meditations, I am observing some more than visual effects. Sometimes, I just see modern scenes, a car driving down a suburban street, a strip mall or building. Other times, I see from within the building. Then, I encounter scenarios. These are small interactions between humans. I am not sure what is being said or what information is being communicated but it feels very important and very real. Most of the time, I am being spoken to and I reply but I do not really know what is being said. I am sure the other me is fully aware. I am unsure what causes this effect but it is certainly an odd sensation.

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