Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Taxpayer Hell

I am not the only one in a fix with major corporations. Read on to see how a friend of mine is in tax refund hell because some computer won't release her nearly 8K in pass due REFUNDS until an 'authorized person' does so. But no one is an authorized person. This just one more example of decision makers removing any possible discretion from their employees. They treat people like they can't think and their customers and in this case the tax payers get screwed.

I am dealing with the taxpayer advocacy dept now, which I'm told is the department that polices the IRS. Since the IRS has missed EVERY deadline they have set for themselves, I go to them and if they haven't done anything within the next 7 business days I will have to meet with someone. The second lady I talked to explained to me what the problem is. The system put my refunds on hold while it searched for another account that I might owe money on... found nothing.. but never released. They acknowledge that I am due all of my refund and stimulus, but the "system" won't let an unauthorized person release my money. Nobody seems to know WHO is authorized... and since I happened to get through to an IRS center on the east coast, there were no supervisors available again.


(Picture from http://www.rothcpa.com/archives/2005_07.php)

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