Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Have You Been Influenced by a Spirit?

Frankly, you don't mind if I call you Frank do you? Good.

Frankly, I am not 100% sure Bune is in my corner but at the same time, I have scant evidence he is against me. He hasn't given me what I charged him with yet. However, I have some evidence he is for me. Part of my charge was for him to fall in my line with my HGA as I understood it. I added those last four words because I didn't want him telling me he messed up my life because my HGA will find it useful ten years from now.

Lately, I have gone on Weight Watchers due to the urging of my HGA. He says my psychology is more effected by my weight than I understand. Having eaten much differently over the last four days I can now say I think he is right. I feel 100% better having eaten healthier foods. During this process I have been offered items by various friends at no cost: Weight Watchers books, Weight Watchers Point Calculators, and a $1700 Bow Flex. I will take advantage of all of these kind and generous offers. Since Bune does handle some financial tasks along with his other duties and I did charge him to align with my HGA, it follows that these gifts may have been inspired by him.

The problem any critically thinking magician will have with this is that knowing the people involved, they'd have offered anyway. I think. So, um, were they influenced by Bune or their own good natures or both or or or? If I went by gut reaction, which is usually a decent indicator in things like this, I'd say it was Bune. Cold logic says no.

Another conversation for my HGA.

The pentacle is going well. It is getting more and more white. Progress!

P.S. Today is my birthday. So, it is the start of my new magickal year. I anticipate lots of magickal fun.

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Jason Miller, said...

I would consider that a big affirmative that he is working for ye. Bigger effects take longer time, but the demons in my experience, like to throw a few bones as soon as possible to let you know that they are on the case.

descolado said...

Happy solar return !