Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Small amount of Catching Up

I posted on July 8 that I prepared an insurance claim and was sending a little friend to help get it to go smoothly. It did. The item wasn't mailed until the 10th but the check arrived today. Seven days including snail mail from an insurance company. How likely is that?

Oddly, all my bills are down this month, even the electric July. Could that be Bune? It seems too subtle for a demon to me but when I just IM'd that same comment to Frater RO I distinctly heard a gruff, "We're like that." He has now taken credit for it. Interesting.


descolado said...

Hi, I have a question

Your "little friend" was a spirit you conjured, a familiar, or more of a tought form ?

Could you tell a little about how you did that ? Sometimes all of us need a "little friend" :-)

Frater BH said...

My little friend was one of my goetic spirits. In this case, he is more of a household "looker after". I say that instead of guardian because I don't like the thought of an armed guard in my living room.

I simply told him to follow the letter to its destination and "make sure things go smoothly and I get what I am owed." I intentionally claimed an extra $20 dollars from an outdated receipt that should not have gotten paid. They denied that as they should have but sent me the other $300+.

I have found him able to follow an email as well.

If that didn't clarify, please let me know.

Frater BH said...

Oh, I should add that once you have a relationship with one of these spirits, you don't have to evoke them every time using a full ritual. They give you a way to just tell them what needs done.

It really is an odd experience. Sometimes, I have a hard time believing this stuff works.

And, if you ever do this, be VERY careful. Some of them do not place nice and some of those that do place nice do so with some folks and not others.