Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lucid Dream -- More HGA

Last night I had a lucid dream. I had been waking up a bit tired the last few mornings. So, I told myself I would remember any lucid dreaming I was doing as I fell asleep.

I dreamed that I was in the back of a very long house talking to a drug dealer of Mexican descent. I didn't tell him whatever it was he wanted to hear. I began to walk out of the house. To my right was a young half-naked girl tied up on the couch. I kept walking.

When I was outside the house, I noticed the drug dealers had stolen my car. Interestingly, I knew what my real life car looked like. Normally, the thing I am looking for or have in dreams isn't exactly what I have in real life. I began walking down a street very busy with foot traffic. I was in LA or some place with a high concentration of Mexicans. I was afraid that the drug dealers were following me and where going to try to kill me.

Suddenly, I realized I was afraid and therefore this must be a dream. I drew several earth banishing pentagrams and felt my astral body energize but I didn't will myself to go anywhere. I just felt the buzz of energy. This was very cool in and of itself. Though, I learned something very interesting from that experience but I think that conclusion is best left to those who gain it spontaneously. So, I will refrain from sharing. I woke up briefly and noticed many colorful streaks of light moving across my ceiling. I remembered thinking, is that what everyone sees when they wake up in the night or astral lights? Fully awake, they must have been astral lights.

During my daily chat with my HGA this evening. He decided to clear up some things. He said that when he said I was meant to be X in this lifetime that X had something to teach me that they either chose not to or could not at their stage of development at the time. There is importance in that lesson in this lifetime but there are other ways to learn it. Spirit evocation will not bring this lesson. As for the OTO, there is no harm in joining it but it does not have the specific lesson being discussed here.

Prior to this, he told me that yes compassion was my next lesson but when learned it will only be another beginning. "Compassion," he said, "is not empathizing with someone that is going through something you've experienced but feeling compassion even for people experiencing things other than you have experienced."

Again, I see no reason to disagree.

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