Friday, July 18, 2008

Spirit Confusion

I am a little confused with Bune. I called Bune specifically because my HGA told me to by name during our first conversation which, oddly enough, occurred in a Wendy's. I just realized that Wendy sounds an awful lot link windy...air...reconciler...mmmm. I digress.

Unlike other goetic spirits I've dealt with, I don't feel anything different with Bune, except a bit more focus on him. It seems the focus shifts to the latest one you've done. Though, you don't forget about the others. From the experience my friends have had with him, they've all benefited long term. However, he does add a bit more drama than the other spirits I know about. "A bit more" is an understatement.

My confusion stems from the little things I've gained. This tends to indicate some cooperation but not of the sort outlined in the rite. Fr RO theorizes that we should have called their kings first. That way we have that additional authority. They would therefore work harder instead of half hearted attempts at compliance.

I am not above asking questions. If you don't want people to ask you questions, don't set yourself up as a teacher. So, I asked Lon DuQuette. Oddly, I sent my question at around 10 PM and received an answer in about five minutes. His answer was that he likes his demons to have only one king, himself! This I can't argue with. If my philosophy is to line things up in a straight line adding other kings to the mix may bend that line a bit. I am beginning to look at myself as a member of any hierarchy I deal with rather than a magician appealing to some structure outside of himself. I tend to be comfortable with answers between the points of view. That is the first place I go. However, this too can become habit rather than thought. I am going to think on this for a while.

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