Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Magick Lasts -- Write it Down!

About seventeen years ago, when I was still floundering around with magick my sister got pregnant. During the pregnancy her asthma kicked up pretty bad and we were all concerned for the baby. In my family no one would actually admit that out loud. I offered to make a talisman for her to help as long as I got it back when the baby was born. Her asthma cleared up and a healthy baby boy was born. Though, I think she'd be loathe to admit it to her child, I have long enjoyed the thought that my talisman helped to bring this child into the world healthy. I have always loved the child even though I until recently I didn't even like most children. Over the years, I have noticed the lad and I share some tastes. I like music from the sixties and seventies which is prior to my generation. He likes the same music and I often see him sporting shirts bearing the names of bands I grew up with in the eighties. We have a tendency not to tell our families of things they think are important like girlfriends and phone messages. I think for the same emotional reasons but I am not sure. My gal says that he 'feels' like I do. He also does as little school work as he can get away with as did I. While I was smart, this kid is so brilliant that I am pretty sure his head glows in the dark. Over the years, I have wondered if these odd little shared traits were the result of that talisman.

I believe the talisman was solar in nature. Nowadays, I do it differently but it worked at the the time. I did get the talisman back. I need to search through some old trunks and see if I can find it. You may ask why I'd care to do that.

Today, I was told that he received a letter asking him to apply to a university. He's received many as he is a really bright kid with some questionable grades. This letter wasn't from any ordinary school. It wasn't even from the likes of the UC system or some school you've heard of but know little about like a Tulane. This letter came from Harvard. The second I heard the news I had a crystal clear vision of that talisman. I hope I have that talisman around to see if it matches the vision. So, I wonder, did that talisman made all those years ago influence this event? Or have I linked the talisman with my love for my nephew and saw it when he was mentioned? If so, why haven't I seen it when other good things happened? Maybe that can be explained by my astral vision is much better now than it ever has been. I simply don't know.

So, to my more inexperienced readers. Write down everything. I mean everything. Keep a three ring binder. Take good notes. You will regret not doing so even at this early stage in your Work towards Unity or power or whatever it is you seek. Write it down. A lot. In the general scheme of things knowing if this talisman could have or did influence this opportunity, which may never come to fruition, or not doesn't really matter a great deal. I know it worked for his and his mother's health long ago. My point is that it could have mattered but if I don't have the records I will never know. At the risk of redundancy and repeating myself, write it down. Magick lasts and you will want to know what you did many years later.

Today I worked on the following:

  • I read a bit of the 6th and 7th book of Moses
  • I worked on the project my mentor gave me
  • I painted my pantacle.

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Jason Miller, said...

Dood. what are you painting your pentacle with, toothpick?

This is the third day you have been painting the pentacle. I'm begging to think its a euphamism for something else.

Just kidding. I made a set of GD elemental tools when I was in High school and I know the various coates it takes to get it looking good. Actually, I take that back, mine looked like crap even though it took me a long time. You are probably also doing one color per day to meditate on the symbolism of the quarters and such. I was in too much of a rush as a 16 year old.