Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long Lucid Dream

I had many dreams about being asleep at work. Fortunately, none of them involved my real workplace. I also dreamed of being a trainee cop who simply needed to patrol a neighborhood in a squad car. This is interesting in that when one first encounters one's HGA in a dream, it is often as an authority figure and very often it is a cop. Mine was. So, now that one dreams of being a cop. It seems a logic step in the chain. Though, a bit misplaced. I have no like authority.

I can not recall what triggered awareness. Though, I was in a hardware store at the time. The trigger may have been some slight floating. I willed myself higher. I intentionally drew the attention of another shopper. He looked up at me in touching the ceiling with surprise but indifferently returned to his shopping.

I descended and look at the floor and recalled that I read somewhere that if you looked closely at physical objects on the astral they looked like they were made up of tiny dots of light. I noticed no such phenomenon. I decided to repeat my Hod experience only I was going to get past the guardian this time. So, I ran through the names in my head and I couldn't recall the archangel! Damn. Well, let's try Yesod. Double drat dram! I couldn't remember the archangel their either. I tried to come up with a certain symbol associated with the paths leading up to Hod but couldnt' do so. Netzach? Those names I knew. Instead of just saying Netzach which worked for getting to Hod. I vibrated the Hebrew god-name. I traveled but I didn't feel that 'wind' sensation I now feel is an excited astral body rather than wind. Wind never made sense to me but I couldn't figure out what to call it. I found myself in a very green park-like setting. There was a building that looked like a museum with tall columns. So far so good. I looked into the window and saw some bric-a-brak on shelves. I focused on one. It was cupid! I thought this was positive. Though, Cupid looked a little mean. I looked again and he morphed into the puppet from a "dead terrorist" comedy bit I watched on you tube yesterday. I dismissed this and walked around. There was a path leading to a pool. In the pool there were three very young girls that had just finished having sex. The odd part was that one never came up from under the water. I have no doubt she was alive. The girls treated my appearance with indifference. I can not recall any more of the dream. Focusing on the girls was a mistake. They may have been a subtle form of guardian. I have learned focusing on anything even mildly erotic in a lucid dream ends the experience for me.

The odd part is that immediately upon waking, I recalled all the names I could not remember in the dreams.

This didn't take long to write-up but when combined with the work place dream and trying to recall the proper names of archangels felt like it really took a quite some time.

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Yotimor said...

I have experienced that phenomena as well - as soon as you lock on to anything sexual or erotic whilst lucid dreaming some kind of wake up mechanism triggers. While this doesn't normally happen with regular ol erotic dreams (of which I sadly have very few) one assumes it is an attribute peculiar to lucid dreaming which may or may not be the same as astral travel. Maybe the wake up mechanism is kind of like a personal firewall - if instead only up in your own head - your actions on the astral are watched and maybe even recorded - there's little doubt that you're higher self would shut down a potential voyeur situation forthfuckingwith.
So when you go lucid all you have to do is vibrate a few names to get to a particular sephira? I need to try that as I'm usually itching to do some magick when I go lucid but often seem at a complete loss as what to do.
LVX bro.