Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stoked About Going Sub-Lunar

As those of you know that know me on a local list, will remember my fight with Comcast. In short, they've sent me to collections over $175 that I do not owe. I have been fighting them with conventional means and got to the right person to deal with the issue. This person made me jump through all sorts of pointless hoops. When I accomplished that, I heard nothing. Finally, I sent an email and attached one of my familiars from the Lesser Key.

Today, I finally heard back. Not only is Comcast waiving the bill and sending a note to the collection agency but is sending me a twenty-two dollar refund check! Since every time I send a 'friend' what I ask for seems to happen. I think from now on my approach is going to change.

The first thing I am going to do is follow my HGA's advice to be a better record keeper. Even though that has nothing to do with this or any of the commercial situations that have run aground, I am going to follow his advice. It can't hurt. Secondly, the moment something looks like it is going south, I am sending in the troops. No more waiting for things to work out on their own. These companies have size, experience and inertia on their side. I am going to get "sub-lunar" on their asses real fast. This will even out the playing field. All I ever ask for is an even exchange of currency for goods and services.

Frater POS

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