Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reread and Stavish

There is no point in keeping a diary if you don't go back and read it once in a while. I reread June tonight and this is what I picked up.

  • I seriously need to work at letting people 'in'. I need to expand my love and compassion.
  • I was reminded of the bouncing energy between me and my double when I do the Stavish meditation.
  • I have been pretty good at listening to my HGA but not so good at remembering and following through.
Tonight, I did the Stavish meditation combined with the HGA instructions. I spent what felt like forever visualizing and feeling my various body parts getting energized. The feeling was very tactile. I may have felt some actual astral movement within. I then banished earth mentally and drew the active and passive pentagrams of spirit within my body and pushed the body of light out through the top of my head. I had a very clear visual but did not succeed in transferring consciousness. Tonight's meditation only lasted twenty-two minutes. This is much longer than my previous efforts but not good enough. I am looking for thirty quality minutes. While I am pleased with my dream progress, I am not at all pleased with my progress toward wakeful astral projection.

I will persevere.

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