Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Before retiring, I popped into the temple room and asked my HGA what I needed to do. "Aspire, aspire, keep aspiring." The answer may have meant in general terms and over a period of time. Though, I felt it had a greater sense of urgency and immediacy than that. I feel that I am under intense pressure now. That may be the pressure preceding a breakthrough or simply self-imposed emotional junk mail. Either way, I shall continue to aspire. I am under no hardship at all when I look at my brothers and sisters throughout the world. Nor are my small and humble prayers a match for monks and those that have devoted their entire lives to the calling. Yet, some days, it feels hard.

I also worked on my pantacle today.

picture from: http://www.parkenet.org/jp/challenges/aspiration.jpg


Theurgist said...

Ran across your blog and really enjoyed it. Going to add yours as a link if you do not object.

Dean Wilson said...

It can be tough, no doubt about it, but at the end of the day we are all Aspirants, no matter what stage of the path we're on. There's always progress to be made, and should never allow ourselves to get in the rut of feeling "comfortable" with our level of growth.

It's good to see you're making progress. Can you show a picture of your pentacle when it's done?


Frater BH said...

Theurgist, by all means create a link. I'd be honored. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Mr. Wilson, Sometimes things happen when doing magick to change your plans. I do have plans to post a picture of the pantacle. Hopefully, nothing happens to change that.