Monday, July 7, 2008

Lotus Meditation

Tonight, the temple room called out to me for an HGA meditation. I have been working on simply sitting in my temple room with my Lamen and listening to my HGA before or after aspiring for a closer connection. That is a little odd considering he is right there but work with me.

So tonight, I asked to be closer to him and he told me that I had been doing a good job of looking toward my white lotus picture in my office every day and aspiring. Frankly, I've been doing that and, besides that first day, it has done little for me. Today he said, when you look at the picture see the lotus on your head too. Instantly, a saw the flower there and he said to aspire. Again, instantly this beautiful ray of white light ascended. The light was obviously reminiscent of the light of the qabalistic cross. I say beautiful because it was so clear in my vision. For a split second that light was the only thing in my awareness. Awesome.

Then the light formed a cross with the horizontal bar just at the top of my head. In answer to my unasked question, he said the horizontal bar will appear whenever the vertical does. Had I been focus on my heart chakra, the bar would have been there.

A statue of Isis suddenly appeared before me. She was of brown rock. The goddess was in a sitting position with her hands flat on her thighs. She and her thrown would rock back and forth and head-butt me as if trying to break through my thick skull.

After some odd imagery, including different headgear. I returned to the lotus meditation. I heard a bell. The bell definitely communicated that I was on the right track. Focus on the lotus and ignore the other imagery.

Tonights meditation simply felt good. The entire thing could have been mental masturbation but I don't care. It felt good and relaxing.

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