Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Acting on What I Heard

Today, I followed the explicit instructions/suggestions of my HGA. When I asked him how I can avoid getting such poor service from the companies I deal with he told me to keep better records. I found this odd because the situations I was most miffed about did not involve record keeping problems. However, this may be a reflection of myself. If I am disorganized, perhaps it sets up a pattern of disorganization in others. That seems a bit egocentric but I really don't think most of the corporate screw ups are a direct attempt to steal from me. They seem to be genuine self-perpetuating errors. Well, the spa may be different.

At any rate, I filled out paperwork to get reimbursed for my medical flex account today. I possess a copy of everything I am sending and even included an itemized spread sheet outlining the claim.

The process made me feel good and peaceful. Is that some sort of hint about the old phrase "Happiness is Obedience to God"? I am not really an obedient person and I don't think "God" cares about my financial records. I simply find it odd that it felt good to pay attention to my HGA and do as it asked without fully understanding the whys and hows.

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Lavanah said...

how about a simple "satisfaction of a job, well done?" The record keeping that goes into medical insurance and reimbursement claims is seriously unfun (we do alot of it here, too). But what you've done is written the record in the language of those who will need to read it, if that isn't your natural language, then you should feel good about doing it well.

Frater BH said...

That is an interesting take. I sometimes have serious issues with communicating many of which have more to do with presentation than content. Learning to speak another's 'language' would be a helpful life skill.