Saturday, July 19, 2008

Clearing up Misunderstanding -- Hello France!

Last night I posted, "If you don't want people to ask you questions, don't set yourself up as a teacher." This was not a poke at Lon DuQuette. Lon has always been nothing but gracious to me and anyone I've ever seen him speak with. He is the nice guy in occultism. Unless you use the words, "fuck you." Saw that once, it scared me and I didn't say it.

It was really a comment about folks being afraid to ask other folks questions. When you come across the like of Lon, Aaron Leitch, Sam Webster, John Michael Greer and a host of other folks that have been there and done that, ASK! Most of them love to help. There is no need to reinvent every occult wheel but more importantly they offer a different perspective.

Hello to my friend(s) in France that have been reading consistently for a few days now.

(Picture of Lon from

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