Friday, May 4, 2012

You are Fully Worthy

Last night, I spoke to my shadow again. I found another thing within it. The idea buried beneath the initial items reported yesterday was "not good enough." This idea, that I am not good enough to do what I am doing, has permeated my occult career. It is a thought that, no doubt, helped drive me. I sought to become worthy. Becoming such drove me very hard.

Yet now I know, no soul is unworthy. Some part of me must not have received the message. I will rectify that.

My shadow is nearly begging me to release all the stuff buried within it. For the weight of my suppressed self is a burden.

Today, I received this from a new MM practitioner, "I think I have lived much of my life doing what I thought was good and ignoring my internal truth." And so another has been introduced to her soul.

Then this post came from the New Pagan.

I wish I could share with all of you how beautiful you are. Your souls are beacons of light directly connected to the Oversoul, God, The One, or whatever you want to call that. There is peace in all of you, it permeates you. It calls out to those that can see. You are perfect. There is nothing you have ever done that is wrong or 'against God'.

You are my brothers and sisters all.

Peace . May peace be upon you, my unknown friends. May your souls sing your name. May you sing the name of your mighty souls.  May the forthcoming compassion heal the afflicted, unite the separated and sooth the troubled.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

This is so interesting to me because I found the same thing, buried deep deep deep within the Self, the "not good enough." It even took a form. Instead of dissecting what it is, I think it is worth practicing compassion and Love with it. Isn't it funny how we both found the same thing. I have a feeling that this thought/energy form is ubiquitous.

I enjoy the love that comes forth from your writing today; not just on the spiritual level, though. It is a life-giving vibration. This is the kind of stuff that could save the world. How to universalize it?