Sunday, May 13, 2012

Healing Work

Last night, My Gal contacted me as she had a screaming headache. I was able to reach her very quickly and  rid her of the pain. She was able to sleep.

Today, she had other issues. Her headache was beginning to reappear due to a stressful situation. She blamed a spike in blood pressure for the headache. I was easily able to reduce the pain to nothing. My "soul" that helps me with healing cautioned me to be careful with the blood pressure. I kept looking for the root cause and found a sheath of etheric energy around her thighs. I removed it.

She reported her liver suddenly began to throb. She has a chronic liver issue. I went back in an instant. Hermes showed up and calmed that right down. Then she reported the throbbing had moved to both arms but everything else was much better.

I went back a third time to observe. The throbbing would ebb away. It was caused by the change in blood pressure. This time, I saw her nervous energy. I was easily able to remove that and shunt it off to "the Grove" in my backyard. She reported being calm and pain free.

Personally, I am working on accepting things into my life. I am working on being very open to the book getting done and other things I want in my life. I am not sure what barriers I am breaking down. I can 'feel' them as resistance or see them as ill-defined shapes. I simply work to be open past them and let them dissolve on their own.

I am doing this because I think I don't have a couple things in my life because I have been too fearful of them in the past. No more.

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