Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Work Stuff

As reported the other day, I have been trying to approach a coworker that suffers regular migraines. I finally had the chance today. She was gracious and may take me up on my offer. I was touched when she asked if the pain would land in me. That denotes her good nature. It is a sign of good character to have something come out of left field like that but still be concerned with the other person.

I was talking to someone at work today because I realized I loved him..NOT THAT WAY...but just as another human. The feeling spread to my other coworkers and was overwhelming. I almost cried.

Tonight on the way home, I had that very pleasant cool tingle that my Neschemah gives me as a reward. I think that was for coming out to my coworker. I tried to feel it intensely and that dampened it.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

Haha, that's funny, "not that way!" okay we get it.

I find this kind of love experience to be absolutely essential for spiritual growth and empowerment. Why? Well, the kind of work you are doing is hard-core heart chakra work - not the physical heart, but what they call the high heart, the thymus or etheric heart. Love activates it. Of course it starts with the mirror, when you love yourself, then you see the other human being like yourself. The next (final) stage is to see the Creator, (what some call God) when you see yourself and the other human, and to experience that Love that you are talking about. So I think your experience, and how you felt afterwards, is JUST A TASTE of what is in store for you (us), I hope.