Monday, May 21, 2012

The Big Easy?

In my last post, I said something that surprised me. I said this stuff was "easy". I surprised myself. The night before last, I proved my point.

A friend complained of ovarian cysts and stated they were causing her pain. As is normal, I offered help. It took me about a minute to "get there". The place of pain was obvious, swollen. I told it to drain of fluid and it did. There was another place, my hands plunged into it. I had to will myself to remove them. I removed them because I felt ham-fisted. On the other hand (no pun intended), it did not do obvious harm. I told the second spot to drain and it did. Next, I drew upon my friend's higher energy and opened a pathway so that it could travel where it may. Immediately, it descended to the area I had been working on. Then it split in two and traveled to the kidneys. Why, I don't know.

She reported immediate cure. No pain. The entire process took about five minutes.

I believe some parts of this ride have become easy is my understanding of unity. Unfortunately, my understanding of unity is not profound enough for me to explain it in words. I will work on that and share when I have the proper understanding. Don't hold your breath. That may take a while.


I had a frustrating day. I shared that professionally and did not raise my voice. I am proud of myself on that one. For the most part, I have that beat.

Tomorrow, I am going to share my healing abilities with a co-worker that suffers from a painful condition.


I did not mean to imply in an earlier post my back was healed. I still have trouble but not so bad that I need prescription pain meds. I almost needed them this Sunday but didn't. I have been much better of late though.

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