Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have never felt so healthy. My back has been great. I've been very active with disc golf and loving it.

This is a case of my Greater Neschemah listening to me when I demanded my back heal. It then inspired generous friends or they resonated to my call, whichever.  I received a copy of MAP from Yvonne. I used just one fact from that. I also received that awesome painted talisman from Susan.

My allergies have been brutal but I haven't cared at all. I am not in pain, physically or emotionally.

Oddly, it has reduced my drive for my magickal, occult or meditative life. I think I am working the physical part of myself and letting my other 'bodies' have a break from all the years of work. Oddly, I haven't lost but a pound while at the same time losing two belt loops.

My healing talents and soul readings are still at your service.

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