Sunday, May 27, 2012

How We Perceive Each Other's Souls

I have had some visions as a result of the soul readings. Funny thing about visions, they don't stop. It is as if the mind, upon seeing an occult reality cannot let it go. Like a very slow time lapse photography, one sees things unfold.

The picture on the right is of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. This is how I normally perceive it. This is how it is taught. However, this is not how we encounter things in the day-to-day world.

Circle 10 is Malkuth (kingdom). It corresponds to the soul part called the G'uph, the physical body or so it is taught. There is more than that. Think of it as a vehicle for expression for the rest of the tree but keep in mind it is just an expression. This expresses actions set in motion by the rest of the tree.

Circle 9 is Yesod (foundation). This is the seat of the soul-part called the Nepshesch. This part keeps the species going. It keeps the individual alive through fight or flight instincts. It keeps the species alive through the sex drive. It is easy to see how the energy generated in Yesod results in actions undertaken by the physical body.

Circles 7 through 10 are the automatic personality. These spheres combine to recieve the programming of out lifetimes. This includes everything from silly social things like taking your hat off at the dinner table to the societal views on religion to behaviors instilled by our parents. This even includes how we have trained ourselves to behave.

Circles 4 through 9 plus Daath, the white circle with the black ring around it, combine to form the Ruach, Divine personality. Your Ruach is designed by the Greater Soul. It functions with personality traits to be expressed in this world. This is how the Greater's Soul needs you to behave an interact with the world.

The top three combine to form your immortal divine soul.

From this view we are taught. This is not how we experience other people's souls. In day-to-day life we see them more like this.

Take a look at that image. It looks complicated right? Look again, there are only six colors depicted. Blur your eyes a little. Can you see the pentagon? Focus your eyes, you see 10 surfaces. Six is the number of the center of personality. Five is the number of man. Ten is the number of spheres on the tree of life.

This simple but complex image is how we see each other every day. Take a look again. The image is three-dimensional. The implication is that it looks the same from the other side. It doesn't. There is no other side.

This lay behind.

This is our True Soul. This creates our lives and experiences. The rest is little more than a mask discarded from one life to the next.

"Every man and every woman is a star." - Aleister Crowley.

That star is an entire universe. We each live in our own holistic universe. We are the god of that universe. The Mormons have it almost right. They say when you die having been a good Mormon man, you get to be the god of your own universe.

Crowley was more right. Every man and woman is a star, right now. Right now we are the gods of our own universe.

So, this is my vision of the human experience. I have healed other people's Nesphesch (circle 9 - animal soul) problems. I can see their Nesphesch. I understand what is causing the person problem and teach them to comfort this part of themselves. This lets them heal themselves and allow this babyish part of themselves to mature. My greatest success with this technique is the New Pagan. The reason for this is she took control and responsibility for herself. She took the information I gave her and ran with it. She is the god of her universe.

I do offer these soul readings as a service.

Ball image
Light Image 


Anonymous said...

Robert, this post really spoke to me. I've had trouble developing a good understanding of the tree, but something in this spoke to me. Thanks.

Robert said...

I am happy that you found it of value.