Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hodge Podge

This is just a short post about some various things.

Manifestation of What?

My platonic live-in friend, Flower, says she got up the other night to see a blue light coming out of my office. She says she was fully awake. She saw it with her physical eyes but knew it was not of physical origin. It did not scare her but she did not open the door to find the source of the light.

Ripper Victim?

There seems to be some evidence that my vision of the Jack the Ripper victim may have been more accurate than I thought. I am still taking it with a grain of sand. I mean really, what are the chances of that?


My back has had a very good week. The one time I did not obey the dictates of my soul and attend the mindfullness class, I got upset and was in a great deal of pain for a hour before I made amends and felt better. Could my back problems be a way of my soul telling me I am off track?


I have made amends with the Witch.

Soul Reading

I did another last night. The remarkable characteristics follow. There was a remarkable confluence of conflict with the person.  I almost fell into a nasty part of her past by astral projecting into it. While she was the first person to call me "seer" and I liked that. I felt it was one of my more questionable reads. I was quite correct in many ways but just a tad more off than normal.


Is going very well.

Manifestation Meditation

Several people are having some problems. One of them I am quite concerned about. One is doing extraordinarily well.

I Am

The less I grab onto an identity the better my magick and seership becomes. I say that as I adopt the new label seer.

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Leo said...

Hi there. Hope you are having a good day!

Would you point me toward the posting regarding your Jack the Ripper experience? That subject continues to manifest in my life from time to time...don't know if it's fascination or has roots in some previous incarnation or what it is...and I'm keen on knowing about your encounter.

And, not half hour prior to reading this on your blog, I saw an article online that reported on a new book that claims the murderer was a woman. So...that's a bit of a 'bell' going off for me.

Many thanks,