Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Loving Soul!

Such an Honor

A couple of Thursday's ago, I posted about a wonderful gift Susanne Iles gave me. The painting is in my bedroom and radiates a nice humming healing energy. In return for that lovely gift, I provided a soul reading.

I experienced a soul full of such love that it was amazing, humbling and of such wonderful feeling that I am at a loss of words. I am near tears at such beauty. You people are divine! I wish you folks could see yourselves as I can see you.

Her response to the reading included these quotes. "I am blown away." "You've opened whole new worlds for me." "This is worth a thousand paintings. I'd paint every day for you for information like this."

If words like that do not encourage one to do more readings, I do not know what would.

Edit: The other unusual thing was that I was given some burning energy to get rid of. I sent it to the 'Grove' in my backyard.

My MM Work

I started writing this before the above reading. Frankly, after that, it seems very trite and unimportant.

The last couple of days I have been thinking of the past. I have not been thinking of the horrible incident from long ago that long time readers are aware of. I have been thinking of a past relationship and of my mentor. I tend to replay things and conversations. I have a hard time understanding why people do not understand or care to understand my point of view when a relationship of any sort is of some importance. I have a hard time with blatantly contradictory statements. Naturally, when I am not worked up, I can understand...mostly.

What I understood less is why these thoughts are resurfacing after a period of such peace.

This question lead me to the Manifestation Meditation. I asked, "Why am I thinking of this now?" A very clear 'voice' in my head replied, "Because you haven't learned everything yet." I was told that sometimes things simply do not work. The words humans use to try to explain are approximations at best. Trying to make logical sense of them is silly.

As part of this, I asked for the two things I want out of life. I was told it was too early. I said I did not care. The response was that if I ask for that now, I will lose every friend I have. The cause of this will be false rumors that are believed by all. I cannot imagine what this would be. I asked for 24 hours that I may blog it first. Yeah, even in that sort of conversation, I'm a blogger.

I woke up an  hour early today. So, I did the MM again. I asked about the above and was told it was not true. The voices sounded the same. Things 'felt' the same. I have no idea what is going on. So, I asked for all those two things again.

I figure it is time to through myself unto the fire again anyway.

MM for Others

I have noticed several sets of like events that people go through when doing the MM. This tells me an egregore is forming. I am pleased by this. I will blog more on that but that is all for tonight.

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Suecae Sounds said...

Seems like you worked out the perfect arrangement. Iles paintings are very powerful.