Monday, May 28, 2012

Tangible Results

Some time ago, I posted that I was going to "commanded" my Greater Neschemah to heal my back. Since then, I have been sent books on healing and a wonderful healing talisman painting. My close friend, Louie, pressured me to play disc golf.

I am now completely addicted to disc golf. For instance, today I played three eighteen hole rounds plus an additional nine. Why am I talking about that? Well, in disc golf the smallest courses are a mile long. You climb up and down hills, walk across the angles of the hillsides, and twist yourself into a pretzel throwing the disc.

How has my back put up with that? Well, I haven't taken a Vicodin in over two months. I had one day when I did not go to work because something pinched and my feet were numb. I could have worked if I could have drove there but walking around on numb feet can be a little difficult and maybe cause an injury. So, I didn't go.

I have had very good periods in the past but even with those I was on the medications at some point. I think this is the first time without Vicoden for that long in a very long time. I am counting this as a guarded success so far.

Driving home from my disc golf outing, I was thinking of this. Again, the cool tingling sensation descended upon me. I took this to mean that this disc golfing is what I am supposed to be doing and that my unbridled  enthusiasm for this very mundane activity is coming from on high.

Old Robert would have never thought of such thing. New Robert sees the import of connecting all aspects of being and how health has a great impact on what magick we can do.


For those of you waiting on the MM, I am learning a great deal from the locals doing it. That learning will help me share it with you in a more complete form. Oddly, I am attracting Christians and other unexpected guests to the process. They are all most welcome.

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