Friday, May 11, 2012


So last night I posted about a not so great tarot reading. Old Robert would have questioned his spirituality, ability and been down. This time, the universe responded for me. I received a text message from a spiritual person that immediately engaged me in a discussion that shored up any possible self-criticism. Then today, I went over and had a talk with someone running into the life changing events the Manifestation Meditation is designed to produce. I do believe I was helpful at times during that conversation.

Tonight, I also had a revelation. I have been doing a bit of itching to do magick again. Though, if that happens, I am going to approach it from a new angle.

I have been reading MAP which is a book that was given to me by Yvonne. This is a book that smacks of Theosophy but basically claims to get one in contact with spiritual healers. I am reading the book with an open mind. It did make the point of needing to be open to the healing.

Then Susan sent me that wonderful talisman painting. I have it facing my bed. Every night, I remind myself that I am open to its healing energy. Since then, I have felt healthy. Even my back has been well.

So, if I do magick again, I am going to spend a lot of time making sure I am open to my desire, that I unify with the entire scope of the result, that I fully embrace that I deserve what I do magick to obtain. The magick will be magnetic and unifying not willful and fiery.

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