Friday, May 18, 2012

Healing Success

Today, I woke up to this message on Facebook. For those of you that can't read that capture due to the small print, it reads, "This week I have gone completely over board. Suddenly discovering I could eat things I haven't been able to..well I have cooked, baked and made almost every comfort food I have ever wanted, pizza, rustic tart, mac and cheese, strawberry goat's milk ice cream, apple tart, potatoes au gratin and doughnuts. Not to mention downing a bag of lentil chips. It's time calm things down because I want to continue to fit into my clothing. But, my taste buds have been so happy, and it has been so worth the extra laps around the neighborhood!"

This is the result of some healing work I did for Audra, also known in this space as "the Clear One." She had tremendous food allergies and had to make most of her own food from scratch. She was in pain a good deal of the time. It is amazing she got anything else done besides finding food. Imagine how long it would take you to find ingredients and make food from scratch because you are allergic to staples like rice, flower and pizza!

She had been to doctors many many times and they came up with nothing that could help.

I then performed a healing session and determined that she had done so much astral work that her etheric body was very weak or very tenuously connected to her abdomen. I immediately strengthened that by applying some astral earth. Before I could smooth her etheric body back into her, her guide emerged and stopped me.

I later learned he wanted her to do this herself. So, I explained what I thought was needed and some occult exercises she could do. After doing that for a bit, she felt much better. Then the doctors suddenly found out about a bacterial infection and gave her the necessary medications. Apparently, she was allergic to the bacteria as well as the normal illness you'd get from the infection.

You can see the results above.

As a side note, the Agnostic has been sleeping just fine. You may recall I worked on her insomnia problem. Again, part of the solution was medical invention but again that stemmed from a long history of no progress at all until after I did some healing work. She is not taking sleeping pills.

The agnostic would say it was all a coincidence. I will let her hang on to that idea. It simply happens too often to too many for me to buy into that.

My Concern

I have very little interest in personal alchemy at the moment. Part of that is because I feel like I am the best human I have ever been in this lifetime which is not to say that I still don't have work to do. My focus is on helping folks with the MM, healing, soul readings and disc golf.

Maybe I need a break. I am not sure but I think personal alchemy is a lifetime process. I do not think it should be stopped. Instead, we have to keep throwing ourselves upon the fires of spirit.

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Melissa said...

It will be interesting to see if her problems resurface. Problems like hers are a common reason why many people turn to the Paleo diet.