Saturday, October 29, 2011

White Light and Anxiety

Yesterday, I think I got rid of a succubus that had plagued me for some time that attached during a horrendous moment with my old coven. More on that when I can write it up. I have taken three shots at that today with no success. It is a complicated personal story.

Tonight, like most nights of late, I am going nuts. I am full of anxiety and energy. I get so much energy that my very bad back feels no pain and I go walking (with a cane) through my neighborhood, sometimes at 2 AM. Tonight, the energy hit harder and faster. I am bouncing off the walls of my home.

The anxiety is so strong tonight after my walk that I decided to give all that energy to the tree in the front yard. The light came out of me in two foot wide bands of bright white neon. I wrapped that around the tree and it looked like those new light bulbs we are being forced to use.

This was a TON of energy. I was still WIRED.

So, I tried to ground it. I saw volcano spewing lava but with that bright light above it. No help.

Now, I am accepting the energy and asking it to heal me mentally and physically. I am still wired but it seems to be more calm. 10:20 PM

This seems to have worked. I am actually tired.

This may be that I am a generator of, receiver of or getting bombarded by energy. The trick may be to use that energy in some way rather than letting it freak me out.

Welcome to my life. How was your evening? I pray it was less exciting.


petoskystone said...

i listened to rammstein at top volume after the grandchildren were in bed...

Anonymous said...

"The Chayot running and returning." (Ezekiel 1:24)

See Sefer Yetzirah 1:8. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan explains this verse in his translation and commentary called "Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation in Theory and Practice" (see pp.67).

It's about restoring one's spiritual equilibrium. Just as atheletes cannot run one marathon after the next without a cycle of "running and returning", so too with spiritual athletics.

Are you creating down-time sessions to integrate advances in to every aspect of your life?

nutty professor said...

whoops...been sending Light stuff to you. I wonder if we overdid it, LOL. Send some power back to me over here, if you can. It is intelligent, so it will know where to go...