Sunday, October 16, 2011


I woke late this morning. It is going to be a horrific day for the back.

I turned on the shower and lay down for a moment to let the water heat up. When I moved to a sitting position, my head changed. My internal voice was much different before I realized it wasn't really me. My regular voice was right there.

The voice explained things like the recent dumping, past traumas from both adult and childhood and linked them all together. The growth of attitudes and perceptions around those events were demonstrated. It was interesting to say the least.

Those recently departed were mentioned as well.

The voice identified itself as my Neschemah. Now, I'm not sure that one's Neschemah would use that term for itself. It did show me symbols that I associate with being across the abyss. The truth to its words were obvious. I feel as if I am very high as I type joyous. Only, I cannot actually feel the joyousness because of physical pain. I am willing to say that there is a possibility of contact with the Neschemah.

The things explained were not all that personal considering what I've published here in the past but at the moment they are intensely personal. So, I will not share. I likely will in the future.

It also told me how things are going to be in regards to my life. Of this, I am dubious. I have had voices explain things like that to me before and they've never hit the mark. They are very good at explaining the past and present, the future, not so much.

One thing I can share is that is said via direct quote, "You [I] cannot afford the luxury of depression. It takes too long for you [me] to pull yourself [myself] out of that." This is true.


nutty professor said...

Is Neschemah the same as Higher Self? If this is true, then your experience this morning corresponds with mine. I will find this very exciting to see if this is happening to other people right now, although in different expressions, experiences, etc.

Robert said...

In my mode of thinking, yes, they are the same. Though, there are some philosophical debates on the topic. Mostly, I feel that the universe gives us a perspective that we need to learn. So, use whatever model(s) fit your head.