Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Message from Dad

I have had a long bout with my back pain of late. That isn't the point of this post but bear with me just a moment. I was out of work for 45 days. The upside is that the chiropractor found a vertebrae that was 9 millimeters out of alignment. It was nice to learn it isn't all in my head as I have been told so many times. The chiropractor also confirmed what the first doctor said was the problem, torn ligaments. There is a certain psychological relief in that knowledge. I had been convinced that I was a bit nuts to have such a severe physical reaction to an 'emotional problem.' 

So, I've slowly been getting back to work this week. I have had two six hour days. This morning, I was really struggling to get to work. I have been getting there on pure will power. As I sat down to eat a bowl of cereal, I heard an insistent voice in my head telling me to stay home. It sounded like my father. He was not using his military 'command' voice but there was and edge of authority to it. Given that and we are having our first rain of the season for the commute to work, I listened. The roads are normally a bit slippery this time of year.

So today, I was texting the Gentle Soul (a very close friend) and told her. Apparently, last night, she dreamed of my father. He was speaking to someone about my mundane work. He used the words "work" and "going". She couldn't get the whole conversation. She described it as listening through a door. 

The Gentle Soul is one of those folks that routinely dreams true dreams. If she tells you to stay home from work, YOU. STAY. HOME. There is no doubt about her abilities. So, when she dreamed of my father last night on the same subject, I do not view it as a coincidence. 

My father talked to me from beyond the grave. This is completely unprovable but I believe it. I think I have just avoided a major injury or death today but listening to him. I am less sure of that but I am going with it.


Anonymous said...

Why did you stay home from work? Did she feel like it was a warning?
Work and Going sounds more like an opportunity to me. What if you missed something big?

Robert said...

I stayed home because of what I heard in my head from my father. Her dream was just a confirmation.

nutty professor said...

I have long cultivated my relationships with the family dead, and it has done great things for my magickal training, e.g. mediumship abilities, psychic and spiritual mindfulness, etc. I am not always consistent as I should be but here is the thing: if you can't trust your ancestors, your own blood, to watch your back, then who else? They may not have some of the protective abilities of the angelic forces but they sure will give you a heads up, if you need it. Sounds like you needed it.