Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Personal Moment

My self-perception has been one of someone that lacks compassion and empathy. These are traits that I have sought for some time but felt like I didn't possess. I felt that way because when I am frustrated my expression of that state is certainly without those traits. Sometimes, I am hyper focused on that issue because it is the only thing about me that I strongly dislike. It is not some sort of spiritual masochism to recognize that part and want to fix it.

Suddenly, I realized all the compassionate acts I do. Wave after wave of my own actions over the years hit me. Recently two people have pointed out how my moral structure impacts my life. I have wondered why this was being shared with me. Along with the revelations on my compassionate acts, I realized my moral structure is based on compassion and empathy. I feel like I have discovered something so obvious that I feel silly for never noticing it before. 

I have just experienced a huge self-perception shift.

The revelations occurred as I was sitting on the toilet reading the Tao of Pooh. I kid you not.


nutty professor said...

god that pun made me laugh at loud. The Dao of Poo.

Great post, i wish I could share it with someone who gets it. I have certainly enjoyed your evolution.

Robert said...

I love puns. In fact, I am working on creating 365 puns and starting a pun blog. That said, this is a real book (follow the link in the post). I am reading it now.