Sunday, October 16, 2011

Follow-Up and New Header

I did leave something out of the Neschemah post. That I think it is important for me to remember. Hence two posts very close together.

The voice asked, "Why do you think we* are pinching you from above and below?"

While the header of this space uses the slogan "holy idiot", I did not play the idiot this time. I stayed silent. The response to that was that they are taking things away to stimulate the heart center. Those were not the words used. I can't remember them. In fact, I have a really hard time remembering that part of the conversation.


I have changed the header to an image drawn by Nicole to incorporate the hand she drew for me. Frankly, I am not as thrilled as I am with the hand but I knew I wouldn't be. I couldn't really figure out how to put that hand into something I'd really love.

The deal is that once again I described an idea to Nicole. I was vague, open ended. She reached into my head and gave me exactly what I asked for only just a bit better. The soft lines of power radiating from the hand are so much better than an over all burst of power that many can be enamored with. My magick is not a cartoon.

How many artists can pluck an image out of your head like that? How many can hear the descriptions I gave of both the hand and then the header and then make them just like I asked only better? I am blown away by this woman's talent.

I need to ask her to widen the image or figure out how blogger can center it. Blogger tools are not so great.

*My Neschemah used the word "we". Is this the Elohim (as in gods and goddesses of creation on personalized to myself?) We? Am I a We? I suppose we all are in a larger sense of things.

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